Meet The Team

Keiarah Addison

Co-founder and COO

 Keiarah is a sophomore in college who co-founded the Kiante Vernae Foundation to honor her cousin Kiante and anyone else that suffers from mental health disorders. She wants to step up and stand in the gap for those who are unable to stand in their temporary storm. Keiarah's goal is to provide a safe space and a loving environment for all. Kiante Vernae Foundation is about uplifting and seeing things in people they might not be able to see in themselves.

Sheri Johnson

Co-founder and Executive Director

"There is still love in the village."
I am completing the journey to live out loud in honor of Kiante Vernae and her mother Linda Denise. "Where they left off we will continue". 

Sheri wants to help in providing services for communities of color as well as other communities. She would like to reach any and everyone that may be dealing with 

pain, frustration, lack of resources and hopelessness. Her goal is to reach out to everyone with love, support and human kindness.

Amber Harris

Co-founder and CEO

 Amber is the current

Founder and CEO. Around September 2017, Amber decided to

create an organization in Kiante's honor, because she understands the challenges

we all can face whole dealing

with a loved one who has a mental illness can entail.

The Kiante Vernae Foundation

was founded to help others obtain the resources that we wish we had when trying to help family members.

Her goal is to be the change that we all with to see in regards to mental health.


We are available via phone, email and mail


1721 Broadway #201 

Oakland, CA 94612


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