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The Kiante Vernae Foundation is  an Oakland, CA based

501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to preventing suicide, raising awareness and enriching the lives of those coping with mental illness, depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. As a family, we have experienced losing multiple  family members to suicide and  our goal is to prevent other families  and friends from experiencing the same tragedies. Customarily, in communities of color there is a stigma with mental illness and depression. 

We are frequently told to mask how we feel or to get over it. To tell someone to overcome it, will not resolve the challenges at hand. Mental illness has to be addressed, and everyone deserves the options to get help We have developed programs designed to target the need. Rather it be support groups, mentoring, feeding the less fortunate health and wellness, or providing clothing, we believe that certain needs should be fulfilled within the community.

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